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Top 10 Date Ideas Houston Couples Love

There are no shortage of amazing date ideas Houston couples love. If you’re looking for your next date in Houston, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date, or a regular date night a few years into marriage, or a special occasion like your eighth anniversary, Houston offers lots of romantic spots and destinations. Some well known, some which we hope you’ll discover for the first time in this post. Below you’ll find date ideas Houston offers their hopeless romantics.

are some of our favourite ideas on classic dates, coffee or drinks, to something out of your comfort zone, we think you and your partner will enjoy. Fun fact about Houston, did you know it’s the home to both NASA and Beyonce?

Let us know in the comments your favourite date ideas Houston offers.

1. Go to a local brewery 

Craft beer has hit just about every city over the last decade, and Houston is no exception. Going to a favorite or new brewery is always a great date idea in Houston. Just about every neighbourhood in Houston has a great local brewery and in addition to selling beer to take home (or to the park) they often have a tasting room. Some of our favourites are Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Brash Brewing Company, and 8th Wonder Brewery, named of course after the Houston Astrodome.

Going to a brewery can be a great first date if you’re both into craft beer, or if you’re a couple make it a regular event to try a different brewery. Many also have board games like Connect 4, or Jenga

Speaking of board games…

2. Go to a board game cafe

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While board game cafes first starting getting popular in late 2013, they’ve been a staple of Houston date nights much longer than that! While heading to a board game cafe might not be one of the most original date ideas Houston can give you, it’s certainly a fun date night. Tea + Victory is our pick for the best board game cafe in Houston, as it’s only $5 per person to play their collection of over 600 games! From a classic like Monopoly to a turn-based strategy you’ve never heard of, a boardgame cafe can be a great twist on a classic date.

The best part about heading to a Houston board game cafe for your next date? They often sell many of the games you can play, making for the perfect gift down the road.

3. Head to a local maker event of Houston farmers market

While farmer’s markets have been popular in coastal cities for decades, they didn’t really take off in Houston until the 80s or 90s. If you’re looking for early in the day dates ideas, Houston offers many farmer’s markets, featuring locally grown Houston produce and other local vendors. Often featuring locally raised and butchered meats, kombuchas and other tasty treats. Heading to a farmers market can be a great start to an awesome day, especially if you are picking up ingredients to have a date night in or make a romantic meal together.

Here are some of the best Houston farmer’s markets, perfect for your next date:

  • Urban Harvest East Side Farmers Market
  • City Hall Farmers Market
  • Tomball Farmers Market
  • The Woodlands Farmers Market at Grogan’s Mill
  • Rice University Farmers Market
  • Memorial Villages Farmers Market
  • Eleanora’s Market
  • Westchase District Farmers Market

As with any farmers market make sure you’re looking for fresh, seasonal products actually being sold by farmers. Many farmers’ markets also serve as markers markets, which is the perfect time to support a local Houston business.

4. Get inspired for date ideas in Houston from tourists 

Most people in Houston have only been to the Space Centre or with a friend or relative from out of town. Why not pretend you’re a tourist in your own city and do a hop on hop off tour, visit somewhere iconic, or even somewhere weird you’ve never been to, or go see some of the strangest things Houston has to offer like the burping bayou house covered in beer cans.

Houston has many word-class tourist destinations that make for great date ideas including the Houston Zoo, Museum District, including the Houston Museum of National Science, or if the weather is nice, pack a picnic from the farmers market you went to earlier and head to Buffalo Bayou Park.

5. Go to a free Houston art gallery

art date ideas houston graffiti

The problem with most touristy locations is that they tend to cost money. A lot of money. While it’s great to support institutions, and you may want to consider a membership, there are also lots of local places you can visit in and around Houston.

Fortunately, almost every neighbourhood, from Westchase to Westwood has a neighbourhood gallery. These are often free or donation-based and support local artists and entrepreneurs.

If you want to discover local artists and stay outside, Houston has a great street art scene. This area is often overlooked by tourists and has outstanding graffiti from some of the top names in street art. From artists known in the US and around the world, to the local Gonzo247.

Bonus idea: Find inspiration for a wine and paint night while you wait for your Matty Matheson lasagna to finish cooking.

6. Date ideas Houston offers year-round including catching a show outdoors

Unlike finding date ideas in Toronto, a cold city, looking for outdoor date ideas in Houston is something you can do year-round. One of those date ideas is the Miller Outdoor Theatre. This is a great low-key, yet culture-packed date spot. An awesome way to woo your latest fling or show your significant other a date with a hint of refinement.

Local tip: Parking can be a pain on weekends so make sure you leave ample time to find a spot – or are comfortable walking.

7. Go to a park

With over 500 parks and green spaces and more than 125 miles of trails for walking, running and biking, Houston has been ranked first among similar cities of urban density for total green space.

If you’re looking for date ideas, Houston offers the 445 acre Hermann Park isn’t just the ghost walk below, it’s also the home of several of our date ideas including a Sam Houston statue, the Houston Zoo, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Lake McGovern, Miller Outdoor Theatre, a miniature train, the Houston Garden Center, and an 18-hole golf course.

8. Historical walk

If you’re looking for historical date ideas Houston is a city rich in history. This includes a walk down along Texas Avenue and visiting landmarks and designated places by the HAHC around the historic Main Street and surrounding areas.

Preload a walk to your smartphone and find a cozy spot along the way to replenish yourself.

9. Date ideas that will scare you

Looking to spice up your historical walk? Well good news if you’re looking for spooky date ideas, Houston has a ghost walk for you. Looking for something you want to sleep by yourself after? Check out a Houston ghost walk. There are many haunted walks around Houston including Hermann Park after dark. Much scarier than during the day when it’s filled with picnickers and joggers. The perfect way to set yourself up for a night of Netflix true crime.

10. Take a class together

Have you ever seen those competitive reality shows about glass blowing or blacksmithing? Who doesn’t want to take that up as their latest hobby, but we know that no matter what we make it will turn out as a blob of metal or glass.

Since you’re not going to hand blow a vase or sculpt something suitable to sit on your other half’s desk, why not make an afternoon of shared laughs out of it. Bonus points if you take a class that will help you fix something around the home. Check out TXRX Labs for classes from metalsmithing to guitar building.


For all those looking for date ideas, Houston’s Hermann Park is one of the more versatile spots. What’s your favourite date idea Houston has to offer?

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