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Easy Ways to Love Self Isolation with your Partner

Self isolation is the new normal. Welcome! Maybe you and your partner are self-isolating together while working from home, or many not working at all. Either-way, self isolation is probably more time than you’ve ever spent with your boyfriend, wife, or partner than you’ve spent together before. Here are some ways we’re not only keeping our sanity, but strengthening our relationship as well, especially if you’re in a one-bedroom apartment.

Give each other space while self isolating

This is a common theme. Everyone is used to having some alone time, that’s more than just when you go to brush your teeth. Carve out some ways to do things you both enjoy on your own time. For those of us used to going to an office or being on the road, self isolation is a drastic change. Sometimes, we just need our own space.

It will help you keep your sanity, but also give you something to talk about when you are spending time together.

Take turns in each room

Not only is spending time in separate rooms a smart idea since you’re socially distancing from one another, but it gives you time to feel alone because nobody wants to feel like they are never alone. Having a schedule will also give you time to be alone with your thoughts and do your own thing. Having a schedule may also give you a better sense of routine and nomality during self isolation.

Get caught up on all the content you’ve been missing out on

You each have your own show you’ve been meaning to watch, YouTube videos to binge, books to read, and podcasts you’ve been meaning to listen to (I can’t wait to finally listen to the second season of Serial). Don’t watch everything together always. This way you will have separate experiences each day and can actually have new stuff to talk about.

Surprise your partner

Get up early and make them coffee (or breakfast in bed). Doing stuff like this makes it feel more like a choice to be home, and not like you have to be home. Astronaut Chris Hadfield says to treat isolation like an expedition.

Truly unplug during self isolation

Take a break from the media if it is making you upset or anxious. It will change your mood and your partner will thank you. It’s important to stay on top of everything, but you’ll be much happier if you don’t have the news on 24/7. It’s been linked to causing stress and anxiety, and just being generally bad for your mental health.

Have a board game night!

Board same nights are almost always fun. Either playing a classic board game like we recommended in our top Toronto date night ideas. The thing is though, I don’t remember the last time I played one. Odds are you have a bunch of games you haven’t played in ages, or bought but never played, it can be a good opportunity to kill time, and sort through things you’ve been “saving for the cottage”.

Bonus points for having sexy consequences!

play boardgames with your partner during self isolation
Photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

Teach each other something new

Teach each other something. It could be a riddle, a song, cooking an old family recipe , or a silly game from when you were a kid. It’s always fun to learn something new, especially if it comes from someone you love. If you have nothing but time to kill while self isolating, make it a brain buster!

Have your own private conversations during self isolation

Let them have private conversations. Normally if a text goes off or your partner laughs you want to say “who’s that?” or “what’s funny?”. Let that go in times like these. Normally it wouldn’t matter but this goes back to not feeling like you have any time for yourself. Not even in a separate conversation.

Selfishly, you’ll appreciate it too when your group chat gets silly over Tiger King.

Give your partner a guys or girls night out while self isolating

Encourage your partner to have FaceTime drinks with their friends. Give them the couch and you can be the bartender. You are not involved. Hand off the drinks and let them be loud and silly while you chill in the bedroom.

Something fun my wife and I are doing is wrapping up the day at 6pm by putting on our formal clothes and making each other a nice drink.

Open up your own restaurant Chez Self Isolation

Not just making your own bread, I’m sure you have a neighbour or a friend you can pick up a half-loaf from, but all of those recipes you’ve been saving and meaning to try for some time. Try crazy hard recipes that you “never had the time” to attempt.

Then enjoy a romantic dinner together. You can even take turns playing restaurant, by making the best meal you can with the ingredients you have.

Exercise together

Remember the freshman 15 you put on at college or university? I hate to break it to you, but not leaving your house
Go for a socially distant walk, run, or bike ride together if it is nice out. If it isn’t, do a free online workout class. From prisoner’s workout to yoga classes, there are lots of easy ways to stay fit – or get fit during quarantine. Many services, including Peloton are offering free access to their workout videos.


How are you and your partner staying sane while self isolating? While it’s important to spend time together, make sure you treat each other while self isolating

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