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learn origami as a date night in idea

Learn Origami or Something Else Random while Self Isolating

We’re imagining that dating while under quarantine or self isolation isn’t easy. Thankfully, we have a few ideas to make dating while under self quarantine, self isolation, or if you just don’t want to go out. The first one is learning something new. We’ve had a lot of fun doing oragami, and there are countless tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

Best date ideas toronto has to offer

The 9 Best Date Ideas Toronto Has To Offer

Looking for some of the best date ideas Toronto has to offer? From making dinner together with local ingredients from a farmers’ market to pretending to be tourists here are some of the date ideas Toronto has given us.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date, or a regular date night a few years into marriage, Toronto offers lots of romantic hideaways. Some well known, some hidden gems (sorry, not sorry for sharing them). Below are some of our favourite ideas on classic dates, coffee or drinks, to something out of left field we think you and your partner will enjoy. Let us know in the comments if we’ve forgotten any of the amazing date ideas Toronto has to offer. 

1. Find a local brewery 

Just about every neighbourhood in Toronto has a great local brewery, often with a tasting room, and if you’re lucky, they’re dog-friendly. Some of our favourites are Left Field, Great Lakes Brewing, and Black Lab Brewery.

Going to a brewery can be a great first date if you’re both into craft beer, or if you’re a couple make it a regular event to try a different brewery. Many also have board games like Jenga or Connect 4. This is one of those date ideas in Toronto that starts to foster other date ideas Toronto has to offer.

Speaking of board games…

2. Go to a board game cafe

Snakes and Lattes first popped up in 2010, and since boardgame cafés have boomed in Toronto, and for good reason, they’re fun as hell! While the coffee or drink date is rather cliché, make it more fun while playing a game. From a classic like Monopoly to a turn-based strategy you’ve never heard of, a boardgame cafe can be a great twist on a classic date.

They’re also a fun, cheap destination for you and your significant other.

3. Head to a local maker of farmers’ market

If you’re looking for fresh date ideas, Toronto has many farmers’ markets during the summer months. Check out one of the many farmer’s markets, featuring locally grown Ontario produce and other local vendors. Often featuring locally raised and butchered meats, kombuchas and other tasty treats. This can be a great start to an awesome day, especially if you pick up a homemade pie for dessert.

While farmer’s markets aren’t as popular in the winter, there are tons of makers markets like the One of A Kind Show, and the Stackt Market. Some are free, some charge admission. These are also a great way to get Christmas and holiday gift inspiration out of the way.

Farmers’ markets also provide a cornucopia of ingredients for the perfect date night in, like making Matty Matheson lasagna.

4. Do something touristy for a change

When it comes to date ideas Toronto has so many things you probably haven’t done already, but many people have! Most people in Toronto have only been to the CN Tower with a friend or relative from out of town. Why not pretend you’re a tourist in your own city and do a hop on hop off tour, visit somewhere iconic, or even somewhere weird you’ve never been to, like the infamous Pacific Mall.

Toronto has many word-class tourist destinations including the Toronto Zoo, Casa Loma, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. There is no reason to keep going to the same Toronto spots your next date night.

5. Free date ideas, Toronto has many free art galleries 

The problem with most touristy locations is that they tend to cost money. While it’s great to support institutions, and you may want to consider a membership, there are also lots of local places you can visit.

Fortunately, almost every neighbourhood, from Mimico to Leslieville (and places not along the 501 streetcar route) has a neighbourhood gallery. These are often free or donation-based and support local artists.

6. Unique Date Ideas – Toronto’s most scenic TTC route

If you don’t quite have the time to throw a dart at a map – pick a random subway station – bonus points if you’ve never been there before, and head out on an adventure. Find a local spot nearby ahead of time, or pick something random, like the 3rd coffee shop you walk by. There are so many spots in our own backyard we rarely see.

If you’re looking for something more scenic, the 501 streetcar path has over 25 km of track from Long Branch in the west end of Toronto to Neville Park in the east, it’s the longest streetcar route in North America.

Just make sure you avoid it during rush-hour and try not to get caught up in a short-turn. Ok, what the hell are we thinking, don’t take your date out on the TTC. While they’ve all since been retired, if you ever have the chance, make sure to ride one of the classic streetcars including the recently retired CLRV fleet.

7. Go to a park for a Toronto date night

Toronto has over 1500 parks. That’s 1500 date ideas Toronto can give you! From local parkettes to urban greenspaces like Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto has no shortage of green space. High Park in the West End even has a zoo! Many of the neighbourhoods around Toronto parks have cute restaurants, pubs, and cafes to pop in to warm up in the winter or cool down in the summer.

While hanging in a park this is more of a summer date night idea in Toronto, many have skating rinks and winter activities as well. Including off-leash dog parks for a dog walk date. While it isn’t a park per-say the historical Distillery District is one of the most romantic go-tos.


8. Historical walk just about anywhere in Toronto

Toronto is a young city, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great historical walks you can go on. Canada’s Walk of Fame along King street, and walking up the longest street in the world (ok we know it isn’t officially anymore, but it always will be in our hearts).

Why not make it a mission for you and your significant other to find as many Toronto historical plaques as you can?

9. Spooky Date Idea – Ghost Walks

Looking to spice up your historical walk? Looking for something you want to sleep by yourself after? Check out a Toronto ghost walk. There are many haunted walks around Toronto from Black Creek Pioneer Village to the ever romantic Distillery District that will teach you a little bit about Toronto history and leave you and your partner holding each other just a little bit closer.

What has been your favourite date night you and your partner have had in Toronto?